Yamasha – Professional Artist (GOLD) Certificate and ID Card

Dear Yamasha,


Welcome to the World Association of Artists™ ℠ ® family! We're pleased to inform you that you have successfully passed the WAA evaluation of the Professional Artist's qualifications. The following are your ID Card and Professional Artist (GOLD) Certificate. Please review all instructions before downloading/saving them. ATTENTION: This page will be removed after seven (7) days of informing you. Please take action during this period.


Download Instructions for Your ID Card and Certificate:

• Click the following icon(s) to get a SCALED ID Card or Certificate image
• Right-click on the ID Card or Certificate image
• Select “Save image as…”
• Find a location to Download/Save the image on your computer (or other places)
• Choose the “JPG File” format on the “Save as type”
• Then click the “Save” button





IMPORTANT: Please don't download the thumbnail of the low-resolution ID Card and Certificate images. And please click these icons FIRST, and use the magnifier (+) to enlarge them, then download your ID Card and Certificate.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy your membership with us. Your success is our Vision, Mission, and Values…

Best regards,


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