There are not any commissions after selling.

No. Building a Member’s Own-Name Gallery is not a requirement by the WAA. Therefore, it is not all WAA members build and have their galleries. However, please be aware: If without building and having a gallery, a member will not be eligible to participate in the WAA Annual International Art Competition.

In general, the purposes of joining the membership may vary from person to person. Some may need to exhibit their works on a special global stage and let the world know them; some may wish to be recognized by an international professional organization; and some may want to realize their lofty artistic dreams, etc. …

All our competitions are FREE for our members if available*.
*See “The WAA Annual International Art Competition” section of the Terms of Service for details.

The WAA is a lower fee and higher unique elements association. The whole annual fee* may be only a few hours or a day’s lowest minimum wage (in most developed countries in the world). Its main mission is to provide a global level platform for communicating, promoting, and serving artists around the world. Therefore, our fee is probably an affordable expense for most people who really love art. This concession fee is just a serious commitment.

*The WAA temporally waives the membership fees (new/renewal annual application fee only).

Not right now. The applicant may need two recommendation letters from the WAA Professional Artist (GOLD) level members in the future.

The WAA will review and evaluate an applicant’s application in about five business days after receiving three of his/her own artworks.

You may follow the steps below if you’re age 18 or older:

  • Preparing your three representative artworks
  • Reading and agreeing with the Terms and Policy
  • Registering for the WAA membership and submitting your works

Due to the U.S. Government restrictions, the WAA is unable to accept any level memberships and art competition entries from Syria, Iran, North Korea, or Crimea.

Yes, the WAA is glad to write professional recommendation letters for its members.

Yes. PayPal also accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards and bank accounts, etc. (Please click the PayPal link for details.)

In addition to English, there are ten languages (عربي, 中文, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, Italiano, 日本語, Português, and Español) for your choices so far. And you are welcome to let us know if you want to join the WAA and wish us to add your native language. We will be happy to do it for you if available.

However, English is the official and legal language of the WAA site and any related or affiliated services. Therefore, any translations are for reference ONLY*.
*See the “Definitions” section of the Terms of Service for details.

Yes, you may reapply for the WAA membership after one year. Never give up your dreams!

Yes, you may if you are a current member of the WAA and need it for your own solo show. However, a Pre-Approval is required.

Just like other membership levels, “The Member (“you” or “your”) represents each individual age 18 or older agrees and accepts this Terms and Policy and any and all codes of conduct of the World Association of Artists™ ℠ ® (“WAA”); joins the WAA and creates an account for access to and use of the WAA site. Each joiner should submit three (3) own artworks to the WAA for reviewing and evaluating*.”
*See the “Definitions” and other sections of the Terms and Policy for details.

“All art students who are studying in the fine art fields…*”
*See https://waa.world/student-artist/ for details.

As an international association, the most important thing is an artist’s work. No one can exchange his/her money for the WAA membership certificate and honor. The WAA has to keep the qualities for this international reputation.

If not meeting the WAA minimum membership requirements, you will receive a money-back refund.
*See the “Payment” section of the Terms of Service for details.

No. But a student artist joiner should have one.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!