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The WAA Annual International Art Competition 2020 (CLOSED)

The Purpose of the Competition
Promoting world art

Who May Enter
Any of our member artists of the WAA with a current membership may enter.

The WAA Annual International Art Competition is a membership competition held by the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF ARTISTS™ ℠ ® in the USA. This competition is aimed at encouraging our gallery artists to emphasize and develop the Unique Art Language in their work at all. When a member uploads his/her artwork(s) and builds (publishes) for the gallery, the submission will automatically participate in the WAA Annual International Art Competition after completing his/her gallery page*. The WAA will notify the final winners through their emails and post the winners list and their artworks on the WAA Competition site and/or social media websites. The WAA will also issue the official WAA Winner Certificates to all winners.
*See "The WAA Annual International Art Competition" section of the Terms of Service for details.

All visual media

December 31, 2020, at 11:59 PM, US Pacific Standard Time (PST) / CLOSED

Winners Notification
On or about January 31, 2021

All entries will be viewed and assessed by the WAA. The Judging decision is final.

All Prizes Awarded
The official WAA Winner Certificates only

Entry Fee
$65 per artwork (Free to enter for the WAA members. And we don't accept non-members' artwork for this year International Art Competition.)

Basic Judging Criteria
· Originality and perspicuity of the unique subject
· Concept and composition of the overall quality
· Description and interpretation of the aesthetic impression, etc.

Agreeing and Granting**
All participants are agreeing and granting that the WAA, etc. can use their submissions in any and all manner and media and that the WAA, etc. shall have the right to authorize third parties to do so as well.
**See the "www.WAA.world", “Liability”, and other sections of the Terms of Service for details.

For any privacy policies, see our Privacy Policy.

Due to the U.S. Government restrictions, the WAA is unable to accept any level memberships and art competition entries from Syria, Iran, North Korea, or Crimea.



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