Student Artist

Student Artist is a BRONZE level membership of the World Association of Artists™ ℠ ®. All art students who are studying in the fine art fields are welcome to apply.

As per the WAA membership requirements, each participant should submit three own artworks (or provide three own artwork links) to the WAA for the purpose of reviewing and evaluating the participant’s qualification. Please SUBMIT your artworks (or artwork links) at after REGISTERING for membership. If without receiving the joiner’s artworks (or artwork links) after 90 days of registering, the WAA will issue a “The WAA Good Friendship Certificate” (instead of a Certificate of Membership) to him/her. The holder of the Good Friendship Certificate will not have any membership benefits.

Benefits Including*:

  • The Official WAA Student Artist Certificate
  • The Official WAA Student Artist Photo ID (Per Portrait Image Submission)
  • List of Artists on the WAA Website
  • Member’s Own-Name Gallery Page (Per Submission)
  • 100% Commission Free (You May List Your Own Prices for You Sell Your Artworks on the Gallery and There Are Not Any Commissions When Selling.)
  • Introduction on the Social Media Site, etc. (If Being Selected by Editors)
  • Free Participating in the WAA International Art Competition (After Completing Your Gallery Page)
  • Free Artwork Diagnosis (One Piece of Art/per Membership Year) (Per Request and Submission)
  • Allowing to Use the WAA Logo for the Solo Show (A Pre-Approval Is Required)
  • The WAA Professional Recommendation Letter for Your Careers (Per Submission and Request)

The total annual fee is $35 YEARLY. After reviewing and evaluating the three artworks you submitted, we provide a Money Back Guarantee if you aren’t qualified for the WAA membership/friendship*. And you may reapply for the WAA membership after one year.
*See the Terms of Service for details.

Register for the Student Artist Membership