The World Association of Artists (referred to as WAA) is a professional membership organization dedicated to providing a global-level platform for promoting artists’ unique styles, thematic projects, and specialized creations; thereby improving their public visibilities, artwork exposures, and personal reputations; and then enhancing their artistic confidences, social influences, and market competitiveness.

As mankind enters the Internet era and the 21st century, the regional or national level artist associations may have difficulty satisfying the needs of the artists seeking new high-level challenges and development goals. Since today’s art world has become a global art community, it doesn’t matter you are from which country or region, it doesn’t matter what race you are, and it also doesn’t matter you speak what kind of language, we can talk about art and see each other’s artworks on the world’s professional platform sites. Thus, if an artist requires in-depth development in creation or communication, maybe he/she should stand on a world-class platform to show his/her artistic talents. Only such artworks can achieve the world’s standards, can meet international judging specifications, and can withstand global inspections. Because the viewers come from all over the world, this kind of works can be spread for a long time and be loved by the world.

From Paleolithic Prehistoric Art to today’s iPad Finger Art, we easily find that the world’s best language is art. Therefore, art is a bridge linking us together and keeping us close. We want to be friends with you and welcome you to join us in exploring the visual arts of our time, exhibiting your talents to the globe, and meeting the challenges for the 21st century. Then, let us help you turn your challenges into opportunities and elevate your art careers…

The World Association of Artists® has been certified and registered by the USPTO and the International Bureau of the WIPO. (The WIPO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.)

Most importantly, your success is our Vision, Mission, and Values… We believe truly distinguishes the WAA.

Let us all together make world art great again!