Submitting Artwork for Gallery and/or Evaluation



You May Display Your Three Best Pieces of Art to the World…


  1. Enter your name and email in the “Your Name” and “Your Email” fields.
  2. a) Write a brief “Artist Bio/Statement” (500 words maximum) in the “Post Content” field (introducing your background and experience)…
    b) Also, include your representative “Artwork Title(s), Info, and Description(s)” explaining your artistic style, creative process, and unique theme, etc.
    c) If wanting to sell artwork(s), you may list each price of your artwork(s) and your contact information.
  3. Submit up to THREE (3) JPEG images of your representative artwork and ONE (1) self-portrait, at 100 DPI resolution, with the MINIMUM FILE SIZE of 500X500 Pixels and the MAXIMUM FILE SIZE of 700X700 Pixels (0.5 MB) for each image. Important: we can only accept jpegs. Please do not submit other format files. If you do so your submission will not be reviewed. Label your artwork with the “GALLERY”, “Artwork Title”, and “Your Name” (for example, “GALLERY_Mona Lisa_Leonardo da Vinci”).

Attention: Each member only has ONE (1) his/her own name gallery with a maximum of THREE (3) artworks and ONE (1) self-portrait. When uploading a new submission, you will replace your previous submission and lose your previous gallery setting and image(s). The total annual submission is FIVE (5) times for each member.

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