Submitting Artwork for Gallery and/or Evaluation



  1. 在“Your Name“ 和 ”Your Email”字段。
  2. a) Write a brief “Artist Bio/Statement” (500 words maximum) in the “Post Content” field (introducing your background and experience)…
    b) Also, include your representative “Artwork Title(s), Info, and Description(s)” explaining your artistic style, creative process, and unique theme, etc.
    c) If wanting to sell artwork(s), you may list each price of your artwork(s) and your contact information.
  3. 最多提交 (3) 代表作品的 JPEG 图像和一 (1) 张自画像,分辨率为 100 DPI,每张图像的最小文件大小为 500X500 像素,最大文件大小为 700X700 像素 (0.5 MB)。 Important: we can only accept jpegs. Please do not submit other format files. If you do so your submission will not be reviewed. Label your artwork with “Artwork Title”, and “Your Name” (for example, “Mona Lisa_Leonardo da Vinci”).

注意:每个会员只有一(1)个自己的名字画廊,最多三(3)件艺术品和一(1)张自画像。上传新提交时,您将替换之前提交的内容并丢失之前的图库设置和图像。每个成员每年提交的总次数为五 (5) 次。

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