We Want to Be Friend with You


The World Association of Artists (WAA) is a professional membership organization. Its mission is to provide a global level platform for communicating, promoting, and serving artists around the world. From the Paleolithic Prehistoric Art to today’s iPad Finger Art, we easily find that the world’s best language is art. Therefore, it doesn't matter where you are coming from; art is a bridge linking us together and keeping us close. We want to be friend with you…

Our main social media account WAA is verified (Blue Checkmark) by one of the world's biggest social media sites Twitter.

The WAA is a lower fee* and higher unique elements association. There are three membership levels in our program currently. They are Professional Artist (GOLD-level), Amateur Artist/Art Lover (SILVER-level), and Student Artist (BRONZE-level). You may find one to fit your needs exactly.
*Although almost all prices worldwide are rising, the WAA still maintains the original application fees and continues to temporarily waive membership fees for the development of the world’s art.



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We Want to Be Friend with You