Hello World!

POSTED ON March 9, 2021

Welcome to WAA. From the Paleolithic Prehistoric Art to today’s iPad Finger Art, we easily find that the world’s best language is art. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from; art is a bridge linking us together and keeping us close. We want to befriend you…

As mankind enters the Internet era and the 21st century, the regional or national level artist associations may have difficulty satisfying the needs of the artists seeking new high-level challenges and development goals. Thus, if an artist requires in-depth development in creation or communication, maybe he/she should stand on a world-class platform to show his/her artistic talents.

The WAA is a lower membership fee and a higher unique elements association. There are three membership levels in our program currently. They are Professional Artist (GOLD-level), Amateur Artist/Art Lover (SILVER-level), and Student Artist (BRONZE-level). You may find one to exactly fit your needs.

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The World Association of Artists® has been certified and registered by the USPTO and the International Bureau of the WIPO in Geneva. (The WIPO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.)

Your success is our Vision, Mission, and Values…

Make World Art Great Again!


Don’t Miss Your Opportunities…

POSTED ON March 9, 2021

The artwork diagnosis is a detailed critique of your artwork(s). After reviewing, you will get some professional guidance, inspiration, enlightenment, and advice from the macro or micro view angles and points.

Any membership levels will have this opportunity. The first one artwork will be the FREE diagnosis for our members (for each membership year). After that, the current member can enjoy a special discount price for each extra artwork. (And we temporarily do not accept non-members’ artwork diagnosis.)

The WAA is a lower membership fee and a higher unique elements association. Sign-up for the SPECIAL annual membership fee. This is a limited-time promotional offer. Don’t miss these opportunities… Each joiner will be reviewed and evaluated after submitting three own artworks to the WAA. If not meeting the WAA minimum membership requirements, the applicant will receive a money-back refund (excluding any transaction fees) and will be able to reapply for the WAA membership after one year.


Let the World Know You…

POSTED ON March 9, 2021

The 19th-century Dutch artist Vincent Willem van Gogh was a genius painter, but he was not known to the world when he was alive. He may envy us who lived in the 21st-century. Therefore, we should cherish today’s Internet Age. Don’t bury your talents, let the world know you, and avoid the recurrence of historical tragedies.

Also, coronavirus is teaching and reminding us:
Life is so fragile, and life is so short…

As a member, you can join our International Art Competitions from anywhere in the world. The entry fee is $65 per artwork. However, all our competitions are FREE to our members. You may follow our upcoming competitions for participating. Giving YOURSELF an opportunity to win an international reputation and have your work exhibited at the WAA Competition Winner site… Show your originality of the unique subject today!